PYLONEER provides wide range of solutions for safe and efficiency power use through our self-developed AI based SmartMeter.
extracts various information from monitoring electricity flow of each circuit breaker
AI SmartMeter
Existing distributing box can be installed without additional construction Combinable with various systems Power fingerprint analysis technology
  • name
  • size(mm)
    50(W) x 107(H) x 32(D)
  • weight
    0.8 kg
  • rated input power
    12VDC, 1.5A
  • communication
    RF, Wi-fi
  • feature
    Edge computer for AI-based electric power monitoring and analyzing
The sequential charging station for all
No more conflicts due to charging and parking, Keep charging even while everyone is asleep, Simple installment without substation facility construction, Safe and efficient management,
More charging station but increased parking space
Unlike existing electric vehicle chargers that can only install one charger per power line, charging and parking conflicts are minimized by connecting multiple chargers to one power line.
Sequential charging system
While everyone is asleep, sequential charging system allows to automatically charge multiple vehicles without parking them again.
Quick installment of charging facilities at reasonable price
With our power distribution technology, on average, four times as many chargers can be installed compared to other companies on the same distribution capacity. If there is outlet(3.3kW) and spare power in parking lot, installation is possible without transformer replacement and electrical work.
Solutions for safe power management
Pyloneer detects abnormal power patterns in real-time and prevents unauthorized power use for safety.
For Building Management
  • Securing EV charging facilities without transformer replacement or electrical work
  • Improved safety and convenience in power management
  • No need to separate EV charging are
For Electric Vehicle Users
  • Easy access to EV charger
  • No more waiting and re-park for the charger, leave your car as it is parked
  • Reduction of parking disputes with internal combustion vehicle owners
  • Reservation charging system at times when charging rates are low
individual power monitoring solution for shared space
Innovation in space management through usability evaluation with space-specific power usage pattern analysis and power safety diagnosis function.
Enhanced energy efficiency
By analyzing energy usage patterns of each room, we diagnose inefficient energy use and offer solutions to enhance efficiency.
Maintenance and management
Fire and safety problems are prevented in advance by real-time detection of leaking and overcurrents. Through monitoring facility status, maintenance and management are carried out efficiently.
Anonymity Guaranteed
Since monitoring is based on electric power, it gives more privacy compared to the other devices like CCTV.
Energy use efficiency leads to reduction of carbon emissions, contributing to a sustainable environment.
Electric vehicle charging monitoring
Quickly examining anomalous situation through real-time monitoring of charger status. We are currently developing technology which can proactively diagnose battery thermal runaway while its charging.
Safe charging
Through real-time monitoring in unusual situation, we minimize possibilities of power-related risks during charging.
Reduced operating costs
Monitoring different statuses of installed chargers saves unnecessary costs for maintenance and repairing.
Easy installment
Without having a large scale construction, SmartMeter can be simply installed in the distribution board where the chargers are connected.
Charging power distribution
We offers proper scheduling system for the appropriate amount of power and timing according to the situation of grid and charging station.