PYLONEER’s meticulous power monitoring, A solution for everyone
Advanced technology for all
Pyloneer’s goal is to enable everyone to enjoy the benefits of modern technology.
We construct and manage infrastructure for the efficiency of power usage
Pyloneer builds and manages infrastructure based on the power data, giving anyone the opportunity of control and use of power.
To achieve our goal, we Pyloneer,
First, we benefit humanity with our technology. Second, we adhere to the principle. Third, we pursue sustainability.
Our PYLONEER team,
Empathy and initiative
We empathize with our mission, and we take a big leap forward to achieve our goal
Tolerance and listening
We tolerate differences, and value every voice with respect.
Sharing and joy
We progress and achieve our goals. Sharing a sense of accomplishment is our joy.
Communication and honesty
We can freely express our thoughts and communicate.
  • 2023.09
    Gold award by SNU Haedong Junior Startup
    Development of abnormal current detection solution to increase safety in charging electric vehicles Startup growth and technology development R&D
  • 2023.04
    Selected by Material, Component and Equipment Startups 100 for AI based SmartMeter
  • 2023.03
    Establishment of a corporate research center
    Partnership with KEPCO, Shinhan Financial Group and DB
  • 2023.01
    Exhibition at CES Eureka Park
    Certified as a venture business
    SNU Venture Builder 1st Place Award
  • 2022.12
    Attract seed investment
  • 2022.10
    PYLONEER Corporate business registration
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